Leveraging data sharing to improve sleep for the elderly

Fall 2019 | System Design

Render of Cloud10 bracelet and dock

About the Design

System used to track sleep habits to improve the health of elderly users

Collecting user data can help identify key sleep issues, but sharing that data presents many challenges for the elderly

Cloud10 focuses on creating positive interactions that clearly represent the data sharing process via visual and haptic interfaces

Need Identification

Research and interviews showed that many senior citizens had significant concern over data sharing security

Lack of technological literacy and reduced mental cognition amongst some senior citizens increases risk of security breaches of stored data

Caretakers highlighted the stress of worrying about their family member safety, while the elderly prioritized their personal autonomy

Mock up of user interacting with the portal

How it Works

The Cloud10 System consists of a data tracking bracelet, the Cloud Dock, and a portal, located locally on the user’s computer

When the dock is first plugged into the computer, it automatically downloads the secure local portal

Data is stored locally on the bracelet until transferred to the secure portal via the Cloud Dock

All collected data is required to go through the user prior to be shared to preserve the autonomy of the user, while emergency protocol provides reassurance for caretakers

Data Collection

Collected data is separated into three categories based on risk and time for action

Data Sharing Flow

User Interface

A simple user interaction for emergency situations was design that utilizes haptic call and response interactions

In potential emergency situations, if the user does not respond to the haptic vibrations by tapping the bracelet, pre established emergency contacts are notified

Simplicity and clarity was prioritized in the design of the local portal to meet the technological literacy of the users

The local portal (left) allows users to easily choose who sees what data, and requires them to view the reports prior to being shared